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5 Convenient Sizes

Durand Sanitation offers 5 different sizes of roll-off containers. Sizes include 10 yard, 15 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard containers.

Note: Length x Width x Height

10 yard: 13’x8’x3′
15 yard: 14’x8’x4′

*Above sizes transported by small single-axel truck.

20 yard: 22’x8’x3′
30 yard: 22’x8’x5′
40 yard: 22’x8’x7′

Terms and Conditions for Roll-off box rental:

1. Customer will accept full responsibility for the location of the box and will not move it. The driver reserves the right to place the box in a safe and accessible location.
2. Customer will accept full responsibility for contents of the box and agrees to additional charges if the box contains unacceptable materials or is over the allotted weight. The Customer’s credit/debit card will be charged for any outstanding balance after the box has been removed from the property.
3. Customer understands the rental time for the box. Any extensions must be pre-approved.

Prohibited items: